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Row#Title(Eng)SupervisorKI Department for this projectClinic/Organization for this project
1Development av a non-antibiotic treatment of SepsisChristian GiskeLabmedSangair
2Complications in orthopedicsPaul AckermanInst för molekylär medicin och kirurgi MMKME Trauma Akut kirurgi Ortopedi, Akut ortopedi
3Effect of different treatments on Meniere disease and Findings in patients with direction changing positional nystagmusTatjana Tomanovic CLINTEC/ Division of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases ARM, Department ENT, Hearing and Balance
4Does iatrogenic or surgical damage to the semicircular canals effect hearing?Åsa BonnardCLINTECME ÖNHHB
5Breast cancer epidemiologyMikael ErikssonMedical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
6ObstetricEva Wiberg-ItzelInstitutionen för klinisk forskning och utbildning Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS)Womens clinic
7Metabolism, aging in infectious diseasesUjjwal neogiLabmed
8Perinatal EpidemiologyNeda RazazMedS, Clinical Epidemiology Division
9A register-based study of the association between autism and ageing-related disordersMark TaylorMedical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
10Stroke and aspects of life after stroke with focus on health-related quality of lifeAnn-Sofie RudbergClinical NeuroscienceDepartment of Neurology, Danderyd hospital.
11Accuracy of ICD-coding of fatty liver diseaseHannes HagströmInst f medicin Huddinge (MedH)Gastrocentrum Medicin, Huddinge
12Quality of care delivered to IBD patientsCharlotte HedinMedSPatient Flow Gastrointestinal Disease
13 Neural reflex regulation of immunityPeder OlofssonMedicine, SolnaTema Hjärta-Kärl
14Psychiatric and addiction eHealthPhilip LindnerInstitutionen för klinisk neurovetenskap (CNS)Beroendecentrum
15Cardiometabolic research / DiabetesCamilla KrizhanovskiiMolekylär Medicin och Kirurgi (MMK)Södertälje Sjukhus – Department of research
16Immunology - CD8 T cell responses to acute infections and cancerCarmen GerlachMedS
17Screening for congenital hypothyroidism and 40 years of follow-upAnna GunnerbeckWomen’s and Children’s Health and MEBNeuropediatric clinic
18Endokrinkirurgi - registerstudierIvan ShaboInst f molekylär medicin och kirurgi (MMK)Patientområde Bröst, Endokrina tumörer och Sarkom, tema cancer, KS Solna
19Hypertension, vascular function, Renin-angiotensin systemAndreas JekellKI DS, Cardiovascular researchDepartment of Cardiology (Hjärtkliniken, Danderyds sjukhus)
20Oxygen – a necessary evil?Anil GuptaPhysiology and PharmacologyPerioperative Medicine and Intensive Care (PMI)
21Molecular epidemiology with focus on cardiovascular medicineBruna GiganteInst f kliniska vetenskaper, DSHjärtkliniken, DS
22Role of immunoglobulin subclasses in outcome of primary sclerosing cholangitisMiroslav VujasinovicInst f medicin Huddinge (MedH)PO Övre buk
23Lupus and autoimmunity bench-to-bedside research. Medical pedagogy within rheumatology.Ioannis ParodisDepartment of Medicine SolnaRheumatology
24Study on CSF variables in Swedish MS registry: prevalence, and impact on long term MS disability outcomesVirginija D.KarrenbauerInst f klin neurovetenskap (CNS)Neurologikliniken, Huddinge
25Myocardial injury following non-cardiac surgeryAnil GuptaPhysiology and PharmacologyPerioperative Medicine and Intensive Care (PMI)
26Role of Anesthetics in long-term outcomes following cancer surgeryAnil GuptaPhysiology and PharmacologyPerioperative Medicine and Intensive Care (PMI)
27Prediction model for the development of an intracranial lesion following traumatic brain injury Eric Thelin Department of Clinical Neuroscience Tema Hjärta, Kärl och Neuro, ME Neurologi
28Prediction and prevention of mortality and morbidity in trauma patientsMartin Gerdin WärnbergGlobal Public HealthFunction Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care (PMI), Solna
29Public health Marlene MakenziusGlobal Public Health
30Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (Cardiac MRI)Martin UganderInst f molekylär medicin och kirurgi (MMK)Fysiologkliniken, Karolinska Solna
Page index 0 of about 4 pages.