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Project Proposal Form for
Degree project in medicine (30hp) VT2024

The course is administered by the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB); see the course web, https://utbildning.ki.se/student/examensarbete-i-medicin-30-hp/2lk028, for more information. The form must be signed by the student, supervisor, co-supervisor (if applicable), head of host department and head of clinic (if applicable). The form can be written in English or Swedish.

The supervisor is responsible for filling in the project proposal form and the student is responsible for collecting signatures and for submitting the form.

Please prepare and save your input material for this form beforehand on your computer, to be filled in and sent during one session.
General instructions

    Instructions for the supervisor:

  1. Fill in the project proposal form (the ppf). We suggest that your student mails you his/hers contact information.
  2. Click on SEND no later than 2023-10-18. When you have done this you and your student will receive a pdf in your email boxes.

  3. Instructions for the student:

  4. Sign the pdf digitally by EduSign (https://edusign.sunet.se/)
  5. Mail the signed pdf to your supervisor for signature. Please include the link to EduSign (https://edusign.sunet.se/).
  6. If you have a clinical project you also need to ask the head of the clinic to sign. Mail the signed pdf (with signatures from you and your supervisor) to the head of the clinic for signature. The head of clinic have two options to sign: 1) Print out, sign and mark, scan and mail back to you. Or 2) Sign and mark digitally by (https://edusign.sunet.se/) (if KI affiliation exists) or (https://eduid.se) (if no KI affiliation exists) and mail back to you.
  7. If you do your project abroad, your co-supervisor also needs to sign the ppf (print out, sign, scan and mail back to you).
  8. Upload the signed pdf onto Canvas/Examensarbete i medicin VT24/Uppgifter/ Signerat projektförslag(ppf)
Technical instructions
  • To send a filled in form - navigate to the bottom of the page and press the 'Send'-button.
  • Read the instructions on how to fill in each field in the form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) next to their names. All input is validated upon being sent or when you press the 'Save and validate input'-button. If there are any errors discovered during validation, there will appear messages to mark what must be changed.

1. Student

Must be entered in the form YYYYMMDD-NNNN.
Must be entered in the form xxx@stud.ki.se

2. Project

Brief description of proposed project (max 3,500 characters with spaces) This section must be written by the supervisor or co-supervisor. All sections have to be filled in. Any questions from the course coordinators on the project plan must also be answered by the supervisor or the co-supervisor.
(e.g., study population and its size, cell lines, existing lab facilities and equipment etc)
Outcome measure, or read-out. Please specify, e.g., plasma levels of XYZ, fold reduction in blood pressure, ‪mortality, QoL, ‬protein expression as seen by Western blot, enzymatic activity, classification/categorical variable etc.
If the study is based on patient/subject data and/or registers, please indicate
If the second alternative applies above, please describe how the data will be collected, and whether the student will participate actively in this and also provide a time frame.
  • Basic Science study (e.g. laboratory work, cell culture studies)
  • Clinical study (e.g. patient examination, patient records)
  • Qualitative study
  • Epidemiological study
  • Scoping or systematic review, only accepted if the study is performed according to PRISMA and KIB guidelines, and if the supervisor has previous experience in publishing systematic reviews or scoping reviews.
  • Other, please specify...
• Ïf the project is clinical, is the project a quality work in the clinic with admission from head of clinic (VC)?
If the project involves research on humans/animal experiments or access to patient records (patient journaler) then the supervisor is responsible for obtaining all required ethical permissions.
Enter the registration number or submission date here if the corresponding choice was made above.
If ethical permit not needed specified above.
Will the project involve animal trials?
If YES on the previous question: will/has the student passed the animal course at KI?
If you know that another student will be working on a related project (with the same or a different supervisor) please provide the name(s) of the other student(s) below. Note that parts of the data collection can be conducted together but each student must have his/her own title of the project, and write aim/purpose, results and discussion independently. See the Student Instructions for more information about student collaboration. Also, clarify how the project will be divided between you and the other student (i.e., who does what) in the box below.
Please add a short (max 400 characters with spaces) description of
1) the teaching activities the student will participate in during the term (e.g. journal clubs, clinic meetings, courses, faculty presentations etc).
2) the extent of supervisor contacts (hours/week) during the term
If the project will be performed at a clinic, please state the name of the clinic.
If the project will be performed at a clinic, please state the name of the hospital the clinic belong to.
Yes, if the project will completely be performed abroad, or has at least one part that is performed abroad. No, if the project will only be performed in Sweden.
If the project is performed in Sweden but not at KI.
If the project will be performed outside KI, please state the Country and City

3. Supervisor

* The only formal requirement to be a supervisor is possession of a PhD or equivalent degree. All students must have a Main Supervisor with KI/SLL affiliation even if the study will be done abroad or elsewhere outside KI.

** Note that a correct KI department and SLL clinic affiliation is required in order to receive Bench fee and/or ALF funding.

If the supervisor is not in the database, or some automatic information abut the supervisor is missing, you must fill in these fields manually.

Must be entered in the form xxx@xxx.xxx Please use an address with only a-z, 0-9, and the characters - and _ since there might be problems in the delivery of the mails otherwise.
Participated in the course for scientific supervisors?

4. Co-supervisor/s (if applicable)

5. Head of department or equivalent at KI

6. Head of clinic (if applicable)

Please review your form and make sure everything is entered correctly before clicking send.

Personal data submitted in the application/registration will be stored in a data register at Karolinska Institutet (08-524800 00, switchboard) and used for administrative purposes. Karolinska Institutet is under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) responsible for processing the data. You have the right to know what information about you that are stored. An excerpt showing this you can get for free once a year upon written request addressed to the Karolinska Institute. Any errors must be immediately corrected or deleted. When the data is no longer needed for their purpose, they will be deleted. Contact person is Jeanette Danielsson, jeanette.danielsson@ki.se.